Divorces and separations: the other side of the pandemic


Due to the pandemic, previously happy couples have started to separate and many have even divorced.

A great conflict was generated within the couples; They were no longer separated by a third party in question, but by coexistence and by the wear and tear that this generates to the bond.

It is essential to understand that, even if we are in a couple, we all need our space and place of individualization where we can carry out other types of activities outside of a loving bond. And this, due to the pandemic and its restrictions, has not been possible in many cases.

The loss of individuality was so brutal that it generated a huge feeling of emptiness in many people. This, unfortunately, impacts sexual relationships and expressions of affection.

In addition, being locked up at home, we have had to juggle managing the large number of household tasks - such as childcare, housework, shopping, among others - while worrying about health, finances and the state of the world.

On the other hand, added to all this overwhelming situation, for some being locked up at home has also meant discovering certain secrets of their partner and having to deal with them: here it is clear that people had revelations about their relationship, both good and bad... And this marks a before and after in the life of each one.

The couples that have been most affected are those in which there were problems before this began. The enormous number of divorces and separations during this period has shown how difficult it is for couples to shut themselves in, but why? Because all the conflicts that the relationship had not resolved began to come out. Before the pandemic, those problems already existed, but couples were distracted in everyday life with work, social life, going out and so on. The pandemic, then, exposed reality to their faces and all those conflicts that they had brought for a long time without raising. This, evidently, caused many couples to wear themselves out, generating arguments over the slightest inconvenience, until they exploded and decided to separate or divorce.

The key to all this is, then, to face each conflict or conflict situation that we experience as a couple. Beyond any context. This will bring peace and tranquility to the relationship, instead of avoiding the problems and inconveniences that may arise. After all, we all have drawbacks, right? I invite you to face them and begin to find peace in your relationships.

Has it happened to you to feel frustrated in your relationships during the pandemic? Tell me here in the comments!

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