When we cover what hurts us

  • The moment something hurts us, we human beings generally lie to ourselves: those things in our lives that hurt us and we cannot deal with naturally, we tend to cover them up so as not to see them and, without realizing it, we put up barriers to defend ourselves from what harms us, but this is a serious mistake. If we ignore that hurt or try to forget about it, it is likely to become a worse problem.


  • In this sense, it is best to close the curtain quickly, shorten paths, because once you get to the root of the problem, it is solved faster. If we focus on healing the wound instead of covering it, it will continue its process until it becomes a simple scar and it will not hurt us, we will be able to move forward with our lives.


  • Well... managing to do this is the most difficult part: accept the problem, see it, focus on what is happening to us and try to solve it and heal it from the root, so that it does not affect us again in the future; But now that you know we use these defense mechanisms in a very natural way, you can try to change that aspect of yourself starting by not avoiding your problems and the situations in your life that are hurting you.


Remember: change always starts with yourself. To transform reality and improve it, we must approach it. 



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